2020 Guided Hunts

Performance Outdoors Guided Camp is a boutique hunting experience.  We allow up to 9 hunters per week in the camp.  Included with this guided hunt is lodging, food, and meals. The Performance Outdoors guided hunt is staffed with three guides and one camp manager who also prepares the lodge experience.  We have many stands in the air per client at camp, but this does not mean all sets are hunted.  We only hunt sets when the WIND is right.  Guides do not sit with the hunters, but have their entire experience planned.  The guides assist and help every step of the way toward client success.  Hunters do NOT need to bring any stands for their hunt.

Performance Outdoors Guided Hunts

Early Season Special – Archery/Crossbow


Oct 1st Full Moon || Oct 16th New Moon:

Arrive morning before hunt

Minimum 5 days

Any days between October 1 and October 15

$400 per day (lodging & food included)

Depart morning after last day

62 years and older 6th day FREE

Performance Outdoors 2019 Hunts

Youth Firearm – Shotgun/Muzzleloader – SOLD OUT

Arrive October 9

3 hunting days (October 10,11,12)

Depart October 12

$1,750 for youth and non-hunting adult

Under 18 years old, must be accompanied by adult. (double stands and blinds set)

Last Week Of October – Archery/Crossbow


Arrive October 26th

5 hunting days (October 27 – 31)

Depart November 1st


Performance Outdoors Guided Hunts

1st Week Of November – Archery/Crossbow

Full Moon Nov 1st:

Arrive November 1st

5 days hunting (November 2 – November 6)

Depart November 7


Performance Outdoors Guided Hunts

2nd Week Of November – Archery/Crossbow

Last Quarter Moon Nov 7th:

Arrive November 7th

5 hunting days (November 8-12)

Depart November 13th


3rd Week Of November – Archery/Crossbow

New Moon Nov 15th:

Arrive November 13th

5 hunting days (November 14-18)

Depart November 19th


1st Illinois 3 Day Firearm Season – Shotgun/Muzzleloader

First Quarter moon Nov 21st:

Arrive November 19th

3 hunting days (November 20,21,22)

Depart November 23


Performance Outdoors 2019 Hunts

Thanksgiving Week – Archery/Crossbow – SOLD OUT

Full moon Nov 30th:

Arrive November 24th

6 hunting days (November 25 – 30)

Depart December 1st


2nd Illinois 4-Day Firearm Season – Shotgun/Muzzleloader


Arrive December 2nd

4 hunting days (December 3-6)

Depart December 7th


performance outdoor muzzleloader hunting

3-Day Illinois Muzzleloader Season – Muzzleloader Only


Arrive December 10th

3 hunting days (December 11,12,13)

Depart December 14th